Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 14:21:37 +0200


From: net_CALLBOY

Subject: once in lifetime opportunity: buy 1 digital collective process art work by praystation, tomato, ubermorgen and etoy


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dear sirs,
dear madams,
dear moma chef
dear moma board of directors
dear moma commission

we, would like to make you, the MOMA, a once in a life-time offer, so you probably should read this email carefully.

recently, in bubbling and vibrating south africa, there was an extremely fine and exciting top-design event called : THE DESIGN INDABA the best event i have ever at! [thats what i always say about the last event i have been at, but it is true!];

a series of extremely high valued speakers were giving high tension talks and showing their work. one of them beeing hans bernhard a.k.a hans_extrem a.k.a. etoy.HANS, from the ubermorgen group and the etoy.HOLDING [transcript of design indaba talk attached].

now, as it happens in such tense and input-output rich situations, between 5-star hotel rooms, security guards, superbe hosting and technology, the aura of townships and an extremely open audience. SOMETHING HAPPEND!

... during my talk, showing a 30-minutes CNN-EXCLUSIVE on the ubermorgen group's main feature of the year 2000:

IT HAPPEND! this little but so strong and magical moment in time, art history and global co-branding and contemporary pop we will all remember:: :
tomato, tom roope & praystation, joshua davies, ubermorgen, hans bernhard and etoy, etoy.HANS did a collective artwork on the body of maverick vienna-zurich businessman hans bernhard: they cut of his blonde hair [on his head] and josh took off the black hair under the right shoulder! live, uncensored, onstage and bootlegged by dutch underground television for web-publication [search google in some days]... this then was collectively considered to be a piece of art by all actively involved digital authors. nadav kander did some shots of the shave-cut head of haaaaans; now, we the ubermorgen group would like TO OFFER YOU THIS PIECE OF ART [some "hair taken off" body of hans bernhard [contract details to be negotiatied]. our first offer should start at 0.5 million euro, open to all ends depending on the content and therefore legal consequences of the contract.

we send this as an open email, so your competition [other institutions or collectors] can bid along with you for this, fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity, piece of art. the ubermorgen group, by initiating and legally, visually and commercially orchestrating this deal, is strongly stating it's warmly feelings towards global, free and open markets.

we anxiously expect your official answer, replied to all official cc addresses would be greatly appreciated.

may the fastest of you all high powered art experts and buyers get it and win!

the ongoing process of this [not [V]ote but] "auction" will be documented and published under

let there [n]ever be a war between europe and the united states!

with the best regards from sparkling south africa,
hans bernhard

ubermorgen:: : "we make money!"